The Farnham


A Charming Custom Home Located In Tamarack Estates, Grande Prairie

The Challenge

Right off the bat, we had a big hurdle. The property lot for this home was at a high water table in a swampy area. Because of this, the engineering for this house’s foundation would be quite extensive. We worked with local engineers to create a foundation that rose above the water table and then filled in the ground with dirt to create a solid foundation. In the end, we were able to craft a beautiful and unique home in an unlikely location.


Features of This Custom Home

Year-Round Outdoor Living Space

The Farnham features a three-season room adjacent to the home: the idea was to build a stunning deck that’s accessible year-round, perfect for hosting a crowd at any time. Though this special room is technically external to the home, we included radiant heaters, heated concrete flooring, a huge wooden fireplace, and an Argentinian grill to keep the three-season room warm and comfortable on the chilliest evenings. This space became an enchanting feature, sure to captivate many guests for years to come.

Minimalist Sliding Glass Wall

Between the three-season room and the home interior, we chose folding glass walls (called NanaWall) to create an aesthetic and seamless transition. These large glass panels open up the space effectively and create a flow between the rooms, while still keeping natural elements out of the home. For a home built to charm, entertain and awe, the NanaWall was the perfect choice.

Mountain Modern Accents

The home exterior embraces the unique “mountain modern” style with strong timber frame accents and a huge custom door made of Douglas fir. This home isn’t only beautiful—it’s practical too. Outside the home, heated sidewalks keep paths clear of snow and ice year-round.

Spacious Interior For Entertainment

The home interior was designed to entertain. Ceilings reach 22 feet high to create an open concept feel, and a spacious kitchen with two galley islands is perfect for feeding a crowd. Perhaps our favourite feature is a huge marble fireplace wall, comprised of several large, marble slabs. As with many of our custom homes, the Farnham is supported by energy efficient systems, fully automated lighting, and modern audio/video integration.


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